Infomercials/DRTV Video Production

Short Form DRTV Infomercials / 2 Minute

  • Media planning & research to target your most desirable customers
  • We buy direct response media on every national cable channel.
  • We buy media on national satellite TV networks: DISH and DirecTV.
  • We buy media in over 200 broadcast markets in the USA.
  • We buy buys short form media on a wide range of nationally syndicated shows.
  • We provide the lowest rates to reach your allowable cost per order.

BusyBoy Productions has 25 years experience in creating Short Form TV Infomercials and commercials.

At BusyBoy Productions, we create winning Direct Response TV campaigns using proven DRTV techniques that include: problem/solution visuals, product demos,  convincing testimonials, raising and overcoming objections, and creation of high perceived value.

Our team of experienced professionals will help calculate the numbers and create a powerful, compelling and irresistible offer to drive orders and leads.

Short Form / 2 Minute / Starting at $10,200.00

Product Commercial

Package Includes

  • Script for two minute short form infomercial
  • Shooting crew on location in MN
  • Location as called for in scripts
  • Teleprompter as needed
  • Lighting, audio
  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Professional talent — up to 3
  • Produce and direct production
  • Professional voice over
  • BusyBoy Productions stock footage library
  • Graphics
  • Editing to produce final short form infomercial

Direct response television (DRTV) can drive leads to your website or into an automated lead capture system which means money in your pockets.

Television is the most powerful communication medium in history. Why? Because television can target your best prospects and customers even when they are seeking entertainment or just have the TV on.

You can begin a dialogue with your best prospects, and BusyBoy Productions makes this extremely affordable.

With over 25 years experience, we know how to get the telephone to ring, and our clients benefit from our vast stock footage library to create compelling lead generators for a nominal fee. Lead generating DRTV commercials work across a wide array of industries. Here are a few categories that benefit day to day from direct response television lead generating commercials.

Jack Paar leads our team. With over 30 years experience in video production, advertising and marketing, he has built BusyBoy Productions into one of the leading companies in the world of Video Production, Infomercials and Direct Response TV. Recently BusyBoy was awarded two 2015 Telly Awards for infomercials we produced and directed as well as four additional Telly Awards in 2017.

At BusyBoy Productions – Your Success is Our Success, and we promise world class TV Production at affordable rates.

Recent Awards


Telly Award Winner

We’re far more interested in talking about the great companies we have worked with… But, we thought it would be important to mention a few awards we have received for are involvement, pretty big stuff:



Take a Look at Some of Our Award Winning Work

Yaktrax Run | TV Infomercial

Eustachi | DRTV Infomercial

Yaktrax Walk |  TV Infomercial

iPhone App Infomercial

Ash by Phenix | Television Infomercial

Eustachi | TV Infomercial

Kefty Home Gym | Fitness Infomercial

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