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Great story telling doesn’t end with the shoot just on the ground! When you take your production to the air it becomes a million dollar looking piece.

As a full service Minneapolis video production company, BusyBoy Productions can handle all of your video production needs. With an extensive background in commercial production and a proven track record of continual innovation, we provide clients an all-in-one solution for realizing their artistic vision. 

We offer an array of remote controlled services, multi-rotor aerial systems as well as Ronin, Movi and SteadyCam rigs. Using a video downlink, images are transmitted through the air and can and be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling the Pilot to keep an eye on vital flight info. Enabling the Cameraman, Client or Director complete control over the framing and camera angles.

We bring over twenty years experience in the film and television industry right to the doorstep of your organization, by creating powerful, award-winning videos that deliver results! Take your next production not only to the next level but to a higher level!

Contact us today for all your aerial video production needs in HD and 4K.


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BusyBoy Productions is your source for award-winning video production.

BusyBoy is a Minneapolis video production company specializing in content creation, and providing video, television, film, broadcast commercial and
music video production services. Our in house production crews come fully equipped with extensive production packages in HD and 4K to take your production to the next level.

Our credits span the globe – including Discovery, Animal Planet, FOX, TNT, ABC, McDonalds, ReMax and working with musical acts like Anita Baker, Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers, Maroon 5, Counting Crows and Ringo Starr.

Aerial Reel

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